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When I should recycle my car?

The deadline for recycling or permanently delete your car is, the 20th December of each year (according to EDOE authority).

Where I should take my car for recycling?

You can take your car to any Alternative Management Center that has been certified from EDOE authority. The only documents you need is the Car Registration and your Identity Card. The Alternative Management Center will issue a Certificate of Destruction, which will be used to Permanently Unregister your car.

Am i obliged to hand over my car?

Yes, because this is the only way to obtain the Certificate of Destruction, which is required in order to Declassificate the car.

What is the cost?

There is NO COST! Car withdrawal is totally free for all the cars that are intacted and unchanged.

There is an abandoned car in my neighborhood. What I should do?

According to Greek Law P.D.116/2004, the local authority is in charge to handle this situation. Therefore, citizens should contact their local authority to arrange that.

What is the process to Permanently Declassify my car?

First of all, you should hand over your car over to an Alternative Management Center, which will take over all the Declassification Procedure. ATTENTION: You should hand over your car before the 20th December of each year. For more information, you can contact EDOE authority tel:+30 2106899039. You can also contact at any of the Alternative Management Centers.

Can I hand over my car anywhere?

Yes, as long as Alternative Management Center is approved with certified labels of EDOE authority. The list of approved Alternative Management Centers are published in EDOE website or car dealers websites.

Is threre any pay back, if I hand over my car?

Car recycling is responsibility for every car owner and there is NO pay back. However if you want to get money, you can sell your car or car spare parts. Attention: Selling your car means, vehicle ownership transfer.

My car is unable to move. Should I recycle it?

Yes you are. Α stationary car is hazardous for the environmental pollution. Remember, taking your car to an Alternative Management Center, costs less than annual car taxes.

Am i obligated to go personally for my car recycling?

It is not necessary, you can authorize another person. He will also need a copy of your Identity Card and the Vehicle Registration Document.

My car is not registered on me. Can I hand it over?

For security reasons, you need an authorization form, from the legal owner or some other confirmation document to approve the ownership.

The manufacturer of my car is no longer exists. Am i obligated to recycle it?

Yes. The same Law applies to your car as well.

Does the Car Recycling Law applies to every car?

The law applies to every car and light truck with weight up to 3,5 tons.